Who We Are

CEN21 is a lifestyle hospitality company that is bringing the world closer. We provide immersive hospitality experiences that combine design excellence, excellent food preparation standards, and warm service to our guests.

At CEN21 we create environments that allow you to absorb new cultures and fresh ways of being. You can count on us to shrink the world to your table

Our Works

Our Values

From Japan to India to Europe, CEN21 captures global waves & satisfies your
desire for experiencing food, design, and traditions from interesting parts of the

CEN21 immerses you in a curated menu and atmosphere with warm hospitality
to help you experience dynamic global ideas on your palette.

People are the beating heart of CEN21. The thoughtful service staff and engaged
diners share a harmonious and symbiotic relationship in the company’s ethos.

A love for luxury, hospitality, and generosity are central values at a CEN21

CEN21 designs its menus, spaces, and your experience with care and
thoughtfulness as you chase new horizons of beauty at your table.experience.

Our Leaderships​

The name CEN21 is a tribute to the values driving the world forward through time – rich experiences, cultural curiosity, and bringing people together.

CEN21 was born from a love for lifestyle and hospitality shared by our founders  Mr. Kenny Rawtani & Mr. Ritesh Hemnani.

Kenny Rawtani


Ritesh Hemnani

Vice Chairman

Vishal Kapur​


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